Monday, September 16, 2019



Ok, so it's been 3 years since I posted anything. 

I'm still around, just not online much.  

Here is a small painting I did of a small terracotta rabbit made to hold plant pots. I just think he's adorable.

Hopefully, more paintings to come :)

Don't give up on me!

I have made a huge change in my life - we sold our house and studio, and moved into a beautiful 19' travel trailer.

We will be traveling the country and visiting every state (except Hawaii). If you'd like me to visit, have a 24' long driveway, let me know and I'll paint a painting for you in exchange for parking LOL

Although the trailer is beautiful, it had some problems, so most of this year has been trying to get all the problems remedied and in between visiting relatives.

I'm also a blog about our travels - but nothing to see there yet LOL

Now I'm getting off the computer and doing something constructive!

Live Creatively!

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