Monday, December 6, 2010

Pop In! Hico Popcorn Shop

Pop In!
Hico Popcorn Shop
4" x 5"

This is one of Hico's fun places to shop! I swear I think they have a hundred different types of popcorn . . .ok maybe only 20-30. Steve and Donna are always coming up with new types of popcorn - this weekend they had "Holiday Spice" which is kind of cinnamony. Yumm!

This is another painting done with Chroma's Interactive Acrylics. These are wonderful paints. You can use them like traditional acrylics, but more importantly to me is that you can use them like oils. They will dry quickly or you can stretch the drying time out. You can even 'rewet' them with a special unlocking medium.

Live Creatively!


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