Friday, October 21, 2016

Donated Portrait Quinty - K9 University of Illinois Police Department

University of Illinois Police Department

From his partner, Officer Beckman K9-3 Quinty was the University of Illinois Police Departments third K9.  Quinty was partnered to Officer Doug Beckman from July 2008 to April 2016 when he passed on duty.  Quinty was a Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd cross from Holland.    He was responsible for 1250 calls for service 100 lbs of cannabis 500 hits MDMA800 doses of heroin and Meth1000 grams cocaine15 gunsAnd seized$100,00010 vehiclesHe was an amazing partner and best friend.

If you are a member of Search and Rescue, K-9 or Mounted Patrol,
please allow me to paint a small portrait for you at no charge, in gratitude for your service.

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