Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey!! Where Did The Painting Go??

I'm reposting this, in case you got no paintings when you opened your email! My son just gave me a wonderful new google-based tablet. I was going through all the photos that have synced to it, and I thought, hmmm I don't need my daily paintings on my tablet, I'll just delete them. BAD thought! LOL It synced back to the web and deleted them EVERYWHERE, including my blog! How bizarre! I thought once it was up here, it was separate from my tablet. I'm not sure I like this, but I guess I have to keep all my photos everywhere, or they disappear from the blog.

So, anyway, here is the painting I was talking about in the last email -

4" high x 3 1/2" wide
Oil on Panel

Live Creatively!


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