Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hey!!!!??? where did the year go????

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe a whole year has passed since I posted. I've been trying to be more active in the 'real' world, and spend fewer days glued to my computer. Not sure I've been successful, but I sure haven't posted.

I have been painting, and I have some paintings to show you, but today I thought I'd share my 'palette cleaning' paintings.  When I am done with a painting, my palette still has paint on it. Since I hate waste, I've been painting small paintings with the leftover paint. This presents quite a challenge, since I've usually used up my 'favorite' pigments and there is a large area of my palette that is covered with a smorgasbord of paint that really doesn't make sense. For some reason, it seems that I always have a lot of blue left :) So here is the first of my palette paintings -

4" high x 3 1/2" wide
Oil on Panel

If you are interested, please email me. 

I have discovered kayaking! I have a very hard time relaxing and having my mind clear. My husband and I bought a really cheap "toy-like" kayak a year or so ago, which I love. We putter along the shore of small lakes/ponds and watch the birds, fish & the occasional beaver or otter. This year, I found a couple Hobie Mirage kayaks on craigslist. Wow - what a change! The lakes that took us all day to paddle around, now are covered in the matter of an hour! I'm fortunate to live in a state that is really developing kayaking trails. There is even a trail that runs through Waco. That is one of my goals, to get to Waco and paddle downtown.  Tomorrow we are planning to kayak into Lake Pat Cleburne, which is about 45 minutes from our house.

Hope your year has been great! 

Live Creatively!



Anonymous said...

No pics, is it because I use chrome?

Wacky Pup said...

No, it's because I deleted them LOL. I hope they're back now. Now leave another comment about the art! :o)

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